How to stop hair loss from stress

In this blog post we will discuss how to stop hair loss from stress, a subject certainly very “hot” these days.

If you happen to be a very calm and easy going person who is capable of dealing with stressful situations in a cool and relaxed way, trust me I know from personal experience, your health will benefit greatly.

How is hair loss related to stress?in this post: How to stop hair loss from stress and fight baldness

Well, let’s put it this way, if you breathe deeply, your pulse is steady and slow, your muscles are relaxed (by the way, did you know that we have muscles also on the upper part of the head, and if these muscles are tense, the blood will have a hard time to reach the follicles, and the micro circulation will decrease? This is an important part of our anti baldness program, which you can get by subscribing with the form to the right of this page),

  • You will age much slower than people who get easily stressed;
  • Your body will function much better;
  • Your health will benefit;
  • Your hair loss will decrease

Oh, by the way, this is not something I have invented myself: we know how our state of mind can influence our body.

Many illnesses derive from mental conditions, as many doctors will confirm.

And if we really needed a further proof, some years ago this was proven in a german research: stress causes hair loss (as a matter of fact, when my hair started to thin, I was very stressed).

I, Giampaolo Floris, founder of, am certainly VERY glad that I have found the solution, to prevent stress from destroying all of my hair follicles, and this can be done by anybody with the use of our “Full Program”, but let’s see how you can avoid some of the most common types of stress now.

Many people in our modern society, suffer from what is called “social anxiety”: an extreme form of stress, that can make the life of individuals a living hell.

Well, guess what, we have an incredible trick to solve most of the instanced of stress and social anxiety, and this is called “distributing friendliness”.

friendliness - importance of it in stopping hair loss ( believe it or not)

What is friendliness? Well as you may know, this word means

  1. Of, relating to, or befitting a friend: friendly advice.
  2. Favorably disposed; not antagonistic: a government friendly to our interests.
  3. Warm; comforting. (Def. by the Free Dictionary by Farlex)

Have you ever noticed how easy and comfortable is to be around of people who manifest friendliness?

And of course you will be very friendly towards them!

This is how it works: live your life and observe how people react to the things you do.

If your attitude is friendly and positive towards them, they will (unless they are insane) most likely answer back very positively.

When you have a problem, if your mental state is very negative towards this problem, you will have a hard time solving it.

If you kind of “give friendliness” to the problem, and start thinking of the possible ways you can resolve it, and (this may sound crazy but it works) if you start liking it, it’s gonna be 100% easier to solve it.

Your attitude and positivity shapes the way you think. Over and over again.

For some people, this makes them very confident.

Their minds have developed so that for every defeat, they learn and with every success their confidence sky rockets.

This is the mindset of people who are successful in life.

Trust me, the health of your hair will benefit greatly from being positive in life!

These messages train your mind to be focused, calm and relaxed in stressful situations.

I had to use this trick, just to dig myself out of a living hell in different situations of my life.

But it works so well that it is the ideal mindset for anyone who needs to change the way they deal with stressful situation in order to stop stress related baldness.

Our full program to prevent baldness will also help you reactivate the blood flow to your hair follicles, and deactivate DHT (the male hormone, the enemy of our hair and responsible for destroying hair follicles) on your scalp.

How? Well, this is explained in details in our free video course (4 videos packed with great info) available at

I will see you on the video course!
Giampaolo Floris

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