How to get the right hair cut (according to your face shape)

In this article I will give you some suggestions on how to get the right hair cut, according to your face shape.

It’s going to help you figure out how to pick the most suiting haircut not only by face shape but also by hair texture.

True, this blog is dedicated to hair loss, and how to stop it naturally, and without side effects, but everything related to hair, is also our interest.

The secret to great haircutshow to get the right hair cut and find your face shape

The secret is twofold:

  • Find out your face shape and
  • Choose a cut that works well with the texture of your hair.

Let’s see what’s your face shape, first.

All people have one of 6 face shapes: heart, square, round, long (also called oblong), diamond and oval (these last two are very similar, with small differences, as you can see in the picture to the right.

What styles fit best with a heart shaped face?

If you have large cheekbones with a small chin, you likely have a heart-shaped face. In this video Sassoon Salon senior creative director Jeremy Davies-Barbala will show you which haircut will best fit your features.

What styles fit best with a square shaped face?

If you have a square face, in this video you will learn the best long hair styles to soften your face and highlight your characteristics.



What styles fit best with a round shaped face?

Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet talks in this tutorial about what to do with your hair if you have a round face.

In general you can do some framing layers, starting right through the cheek, and you shouldn’t have bangs, as this will make your face much heavier on the sides.

Let’s see what the French style director has to say (and show 😉 about it



What styles fit best with a oblong shaped face?

Hair dresser Igor Ribeiro explains in this video what you should do with your hair, if your face is oblong (long) just like mine is!


What styles fit best with a diamond shaped face?

Expert and elegant hair stylist James reveals in this video what type of hair cut you should go for, if mother nature gave you a diamond or round face (just like my girlfriend – I love it!)



Ok, now that we have learned how to choose the right hair style for your particular face shape, lets talk a bit about what type of cut you should choose according to the texture of your hair.

 Choose a Cut That Works With Your Hair Texture

Each one of us can classify our hair into one or more hair texture types: coarse, curly, wavy, straight, fine, oily.

 What hair styles fit best for fine hair?

I would say that fine hair is the best hair type one could possibly have, as it is very malleable, and will easily suit most styles, holding shape much better than other types of hair.Choose the right Cut That Works With Your Hair Texture

If you have this type, you can easily choose from different styles, that will revive a dull cut.

  • Curls and waves will add a bouncing effect;
  • Give your fine hair a subtle fringe and longer sides;
  • Add some volume-boosting waves, just like Cameron Diaz and Kate Bosworth, and
  • Get some glossy blowouts, asking your hairdresser to layer around your face frame, so to add depth and motion to your shoulder-length locks.


These 2 girls know how to deal with this hair type:

What if I have curly and coarse hair?

If you have curly and coarse hair, you will need to weigh hair down with length: the shorter you will wear it, the higher the fluff factor will be.

This applies also with bangs: if you have this type of hair, bangs are like “an invitation” to frizziness.

Cutting straight hair in layers will add body to it, so keep in mind it, next time you visit your hairdresser.

Learn in this video how to style curly hair:

 What hair styles fit best for oily hair?

First rule: don’t touch your hair with your hands (it doesn’t need the natural oil from your fingers and hands, it’s got enough on its own!

A good advice I can give you is to start applying your favourite styling products, only from midway down the strand to the ends: this because your scalp gets oily first.

Avoid putting it on your scalp (this applies also for your conditioner), as this naturally produces sebum (an oil found in hair and skin).

It’s really an unpleasant feeling both for ourselves and the others, to have disgusting, greasy hair.
Sometimes it can be too much of an effort to take a shower just to fix it, so in this video greasy hair expert Emily Joy shows a particular hair style that can be used when your hair is not looking so great.


Another very useful video comes from you tube channel owner and hair styles expert Maria Monroe, who in this video, will show you 5 ways to model oily hair:

Bonus for my readers:

Dos and Don’ts For Short Hair

A good hair cut should mask your defects and promote your best characteristics.

Since short hair can comes in different lengths, in order to find out which length is best for you, start considering your height, and your best and worst characteristics. Dos and Don'ts For Short Hair

If you are very tall, super short hair will look too masculine on you, even though someone may see it as very powerful too.

If you have a round face (see the picture up to the right), short hair will make your face look fuller.

In this case you should definitely grow your hair longer than your chin.

How to get the right cut may not be simple if you ignore some basic rules and the suggestions of this post.

In order to make things even easier for you, I have decided to include a you tube playlist that may interest you.

(If you suffer from hair loss, consider our exclusive natural hair loss treatment, that you can do in the peace and serenity of your home. See the video up to the right for more details).


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