The truth about permanent and temporary hair dyes

Coloring hair is quite fashionable in these last years.

in this post you can learn more about the hair dyes and colors
How can you choose the best hair dyes? Find out in this post.

You can normally see lots of people of all ages going for hair coloring.

People are making “experiments” with all types of colors to look more fashionable.

It is no longer only natural black or blonde people are going for, but they are experimenting with even green, blue, pink and even red and coming up with new hair coloring ideas.

Sure the punk fashion has helped a lot spread all this, and in my streets in Copenhagen these days, I see very young girls with pink hair: quite funny and sweet I must admit.

Hair coloring has been used since the old times.

The Greeks used to color their hair thousand years ago, which identified with courage and perhaps honor.

To lighten or give new color to their hair, they used harsh soaps cleansers.

Even ancient Romans had the habit to lighten their hair, and often color it.

Now-a-days, this habit is very popular throughout the world, in all countries.

Some recent statistics say that around 75% of women in the U.S. color their hair, at least once a month.

Many people don’t do hair coloring just to hide grey hair, but also to make a fashion statement as well, while young many people experiment with many hair coloring “inventions”.

We can say that the market for this type of dye and colors is huge, all over the world, and there are many products available in the market.

Some of them are permanent, while others are temporary colors.

Before trying it on your hair, we recommend a patch test to be conducted before trying any coloring product to see if you are allergic to the color or not.

If you are allergic to the chemicals used in the product, its use should be stopped immediately.

Many people just lighten their hair, a procedure also known as bleaching or dyeing.

This procedure involves the propagation of the natural color pigment or artificial color from your hair.

Permanent hair dyeing products contain an oxidizing and an alkalizing component.

What these ingredients do is to raise the cuticle of the hair fiber so the color can enter in the hair structure.

They also promote the formation of tints inside the hair structure and cause the lightening effect of peroxide.

In temporary colors the pigment molecules are quite big, so they do not perforate the cuticle layer.

This allows only a light coating action that may be removed with your favorite shampoo.

Needless to say we recommend good organic products, like Desert Essence, for example.

Temporary hair dyeing products come in various “shapes” like gels and shampoos, and are used to give even brighter colors to the hair.

As we just said, this happens because they do not enter the hair shaft itself.

The use of color can damage hair in some cases.

It is always better to visit an expert practitioner before coloring your hair, to avoid any kind of harm done to hair.

Coloring hair in some cases can break hair strands, cause hair fall and even a dry scalp.

This is why we recommend to use organic hair dying products, like the ones sold by for example.


Important facts to know about organic hair dyes

Keep in mind that some brands use the word “organic” as a marketing gimmick to get more sales, and they will often describe the rough effects of synthetic chemicals found in regular hair dyes in an attempt to scare buyers, and convince them to buy their own product over others.

Sometimes even the “organic brands” products also containing harsh ingredients.

When choosing your color product, make sure it doesn’t contain:

  • Peroxide;
  • Coal tar;
  • Lead;
  • PPDs and
  • Ammonia

Avoid products containing these chemical ingredients, which have been found to be carcinogenic, and could even lead to baldness.

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