Female pattern baldness, symptoms and available treatments

female hair loss
How to prevent and cure female hair loss is the subject of this post

Female pattern baldness is usually due to hormones and genes, and occurs when hair falls out and a new hair does not take its place.

The basic reasons for this problem are simple aging, a family history of hair loss, and hormonal imbalances.

It manifests itself with breaking of hair, skin diseases that scar the hair follicles, autoimmune diseases and hormone imbalances such as too much testosterone or thyroid problems.

Other symptoms are too little vitamin B, iron or vitamin deficiency and medications as chemotherapy and beta blockers.

The way hair loss shows up in women is quite different than in men: it is usually concentrated on the top and crown of the scalp, and it widens up in the center of the head, while the front line remains normal.

If you are considering visiting a doc, be prepared: he will examine you for excessive male hormone (androgen), changes in menstrual periods and skin problems like acne.

A skin biopsy may help individuate the problem, in fact looking at one single shaft under a microsope may help diagnose the real source of the problem.

In the Us, the only product or medication approved by FDA is minoxidil, which is applied directy to the scalp.

Unfortunately, hair loss starts again when you discontinue it.

Other ways to treat female pattern hair loss are spironolactone which helps if you have excessive male hormones in your system.

It promotes a good blood circulation (our natural Endhairloss.eu full program does the sameā€¦)

If you also have skin irritation, or other symptoms like itching and red scalp skin, contact your doc and make sure to use, together with any other product or medicine you may be given, the training outlined in the several videos of our program, which can be successfully used also as a prevention.