Which are the most common mistakes made at the first signs of thinning hair?

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which are the the most common mistakes made at the first signs of thinning hair
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In the following post, my coworker Barbara wrote some advice that I hope you will find useful.

Giampaolo Floris, Endhairloss.eu founder

When you notice that your hair starts to fall, you need to make the right decision son what steps you need to make from that point on.

If you make the wrong decisions you might end up doing more damage than good and this is not something that you want to be dealing with.

Early and proper diagnosis of the problem is going to provide you with the tools to tackle the problem. In this article we are going to mention the most common mistakes that you should avoid when you start to see sings of hair loss.

Most people will immediately go to the nearest store and purchase creams and shampoos for hair loss. These are usually good to help strengthen your hair a little bit, but they will not help you if you have started losing hair already.

The truth is that the best thing you can do as far as your shampoo choices is switch to an organic product. Forget about the traditional hair loss shampoo sold at the supermarket and stick to natural shampoo.

You may want to see a trichologist, or a dermatologist as a first step of your hair loss treatment

One of the first steps you need to think about is to go to a trichologist who will perform the right kind of tests on your scalp and hair.hair loss

When this is done, you will finally have a proper diagnosis of the condition that is causing you to lose hair and this will allow you to get the correct treatment.

There are some people who make the mistake of thinking that by cutting their hard very short or even shaving it will strengthen the hair and stop the loss.

This is not going to help at all, but for those who have suffered severe loss this is a very popular way of masking the problem.

Shaving creates the illusion of thicker hair, but it will not help you fix your problem at all.

Some people believe that baldness is entirely hereditary from the father, while others believe that the mother is the one that carries the genes of baldness, but the truth is that both of them contribute equally.

If you have baldness in males on both sides of the family, there is a larger chance that you will suffer from this condition too.

Other people believe that using a drier on your hair will promote hair loss but this is also not true.

The only problem that constant use of a hair drier can cause is that it could make your hair break due to dryness, but it would not cause a deep rooted problem that could make you lose hair permanently.

Don’t let your hair wet for longer periods

Never forget that if you let your hair remain wet for long periods of time it can create problems such as Seborrhea and dermatitis, which lead to hair loss.

In some cases the hair loss can be due to something as simple as not getting proper nutrition and taking supplements and vitamins can fix that problem, but in most cases the problem needs to be treated with other methods.

The hair loss program at endhairloss.eu is a comprehensive and efficient way to treat your condition and you will see the kind of results that you expect.

You will learn how to avoid the main causes of hair loss and how to revert the damage that has been done so far.

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