Can hair styling damage my hair?

Can hair styling damage my hair?
Can hair styling damage my hair? Find out in this post and what to do about it.

The way you style your hair, together with all the styling products, can cause a great hair damage, with side or collateral effects like will hair look very frizzy or even fall out.

It is possible to maintain your hair healthy and strong, if you follow some basic rules and the following tips, before and after styling:

  • Don’t over-brush your hair, as more than 100 strokes each day can cause split ends.
  • Use very little of the long-lasting hold” styling products, as many of the contain aggressive ingredients. Look for natural and organic hair style products.
  • Never use flat irons on wet hair and put them on a low or medium heat setting.
    Excessive heat can wreck your hair.
  • Avoid using your hair dryer excessively: wrap your hair in a towel after washing it. The best alternative is letting your hair air-dry.
  • Try not to wear braids, ponytails or hair extensions all the time because these cause tensions and eventual breakage, and from this hair loss can develop.

If hair loss continues, after following these advices, the micro blood circulation may have stopped in the upper part of your scalp, and in this case you should begin a treatment that can create the necessary vasodilatation, so that the follicles can receive again the blood flow, and all the vitamins, the proteins, the amino acids and the nourishment that your hair needs to stay alive.

Our program is one of the best treatments that you can use in order to achieve this result.

With it you can also control the quantity of DHT (the hormone derived from testosterone, and aggressive for the hair follicles) that actually is present on your scalp.

Another very good advice is to use a natural and organic shampoo, without SLS, parabens, sulfates and similar ingredients.

In this way you will put under control the sebum secretion with big benefits for the health of your hair.

 Some common myths about baldness

Why do females lose their hair? Some common misconceptions are:

  • wearing big hats,
  • washing your hair way too often, and
  • your hair will thin out when you’re old and there is no therapy for that.

Here at we know that, as long as you keep the micro blood circulation going, as long as your hair follicles are well nourished, and if you keep stress out of your life, than your hair should be fine.

Hair loss is different for females

Men usually lose hair in the same pattern, a thinning hair line that slowly or quickly goes to the center of the head, sometimes leaving the back still healthy.

Females lose hair gradually all over the scalp, and they are also susceptible to some diseases, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, where hair loss is one of the consequences.

Some scientists think that there is not a real cure for baldness, but here at we know that this is false.

We have received a lot of testimonials pf people who were able to stop their hair loss permanently.

Our Program is very good for prevention.

In fact, I must admit that, it is much better to keep a hair follicle healthy, rather than try to make it functional again, when it has become sick.

Visit our home page, watch our intro video, join us and watch the introductory videos of our natural program: that is the best way to prevent hair loss, even for women!

There is certainly  a lot you can do before your hair loss becomes dramatic.