Breakthrough hair loss product works on stem cells

 Breakthrough hair loss product works on stem cells
Read in this post of a breakthrough hair loss product works on stem cells

Even if here at we are quite skeptical about it, some scientists at the company L’Oreal claim to have invented a hair loss product, that can actually reawaken dormant hair follicles (due to dht and poor blood flow) allowing them to grow back.

They say that this is a  breakthrough hair loss product works on stem cells

If this was true, it could offer hope to millions affected by baldness or just the age related thinning of hair.

The recommended three month treatment price is almost € 300.

Researchers say that, when applied directly to the roots, this new product can promote the growth of more than 1000 new hairs, and the way they explain the regrowth is through the hair stem cell environment.

This new product is called Densifique , and their inventors say it regeneras roots by targeting areas of the scalp suffering from hair loss which can be caused or triggered by a variety of factors ranging from stress, diet, hormones to pregnancy.

Lots of women are very worried about hair shedding, the loss of volume, and the fact that they don’t have as shiny and healthy locks as they did when they were in their twenties.

Densifique  is set to help alleviate this”disease”, because –they say- it has an instant densifying action on the hair structure, and boosts the quantity of hairs on our head and their quality.

The scientists behind this product developed a specific molecule using a formula called Stemoxydine, which after testing was found to have an increased hair density of the hair structure.

They say it is a “technological breakthrough”, which can actually lead to improved hair density, decrease hair thinning and give new hope to people suffering from baldness related problems.

At we have had some subscribers who used this treatment but we didn’t receive a particular good feedback, but again if you are looking for a permanent stop of your hair loss, have a look at our intro videos, visiting and you will realize that even this new product, used together with our natural hair shedding treatment, can give really results to men and women suffering from hair problems.