A good hair loss center in Manchester

A good hair loss center in Manchester
A good hair loss center in Manchester: read wverything in this post

If you live in Manchester, and your hair has started to thin, you can ask help to the qualified trichologists of Hair and Scalp Clinic, which is based in Ashton under Lyne – very close to Manchester City Centre.

In this clinic you can find qualified trichologists who got trained either with the Institute of Trichologists, based in London or the International Association of Trichologists, based in Australia.

These specialists have an experience on all types of hair and scalp conditions, and are specialized in the area of hair restoration as well.

Not only, they act also as consultants for leading cosmetic companies, and lecture around the world about hair and scalp treatments.

There are naturally some female trichologists who work in the center, who are well trained in slowing down and treat female pattern hair loss.

They offer a free consultation when you visit them for the first time, and they are very friendly and qualified.

The consultation and the scalp/hair assessment may take up to one hour, and what the practitioner will try to do is to seek to spot the cause of your problem, rather than just trying to treat the symptoms.

At Endhairloss.eu we deliver a natural treatment that can be used in conjunction, or synergy with a great number of other treatments, and we definitely recommend you to use our program together with any other hair loss solution that your trichologist may suggest or recommend.

In our program you will be able to eliminate the three major causes of hair loss, which are the decrease of the micro blood circulation to the scalp, the attack on the hair follicles of the androgenic hormone called DHT, derived from testosterone, and scalp conditions like dermatitis, excessive dandruff, or excessive sebum production.

Make sure to check it out at www.endhairloss.eu!

Article by Giampaolo Floris